Spring Scenes

We all know that these are called Honesty. Actually the name they go by is Lunaria. Either way, they have an interesting name. They lunaria 4-17-9don’t promise anything, but as they develop over the springtime, you will find that they have a way of getting really messy looking, even woody, then removing their old jackets and shining like paper. Or moons. If you have the time lunaria summer 2004-2.jpg (4 of 4)and the patience, they will give you a pretty dried spray of white luminous seed things. Once you recognize their appearance as small rosettes in the summer, you will realize that even though these one-year-olds don’t flower, next year they will. The plant is a biennial. It spends one whole season developing leaves, and the next as the purple flowers turning into dried seed pods if that is what they are called. To create your colony, drop the seeds in an out of the way place and sit back and enjoy.

This is called Indian Paintbrush (Ccamassia study 5-13-7amassia). It increases in size over the years, and will give you a pretty blue flower which is quite striking when in peak. However, it is basically a wildflower and will ask nothing of you. Just let it grow, and it will settle down over the summer.

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