Water Thing

Yes! Big, bold, White and Bright. This is what waterlilies are all about. I offer this to you today. I can walk to my pond and see some of these every day during the hot summer. It is a good idea to meditate on this. Does the flower really mind that it will last only a couple of days? Is it welcoming to each and every insect that visits it for its brilliant pollen? Can I imagine how it feels to crawl inside these stamens and pistils and be surrounded by the yellow, healing, cleansing light of ongoing creation? There is nothing more inspiring than these wonderful flowers. They are cheerful. They provide a platform for frogs and tiny creatures needing a respite from the efforts of the fish below to eat them. They recycle themselves, seemingly becoming slimy bullets of forgotten flotsam, and then they disappear. No reason, no worry.
Take the lesson of healing from these pure essences of universal energy. Peer deeply into the center. There you will discover your own bright spirit waiting to be welcomed back to you.

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