Upcoming or Downgoing – Fall!

 Here is a nice trip to a local park – Deep Cut Park is Middletown’s own, not a county-run park. As such, it is a private, well-kept, unique environment housing many examples of conservation and gardens.

My favorite, and at the time doable walk is down the steps in the back of the old house, and onto a meadow or field with acres of unpopulated greenery. I can and did spend many hours here, finding just the right angle for my photos.

The trick here is to know that as things wind down with the autumn, so do the events here in this garden world. Some things deserve reflection, and there are ponds to enhance this.

Some things are going to last all winter, and come through stronger and even more beautiful, like the lovely pine trees. Some are going to change, move and shimmer like the ponds mentioned here.

Just like in life, I remember to visit my green friends once in a while and see how they are faring. Most of the time it is well, and that makes me feel well. My scenes will be here waiting when I return, whether in a few weeks or a few months, but return I will.

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