Singing the Season

So what is it about the Holiday Season that prevents people from really enjoying it? I am pretty sure it is the inability to shake off the baggage from early conditioning of faith practices that no longer make any sense.

In my view, it is always a season for joyous celebration. In the garden world, each and every day holds wonder and miracles. How else can the humble bee or hummingbird find its way to the sweetness within? There has been attention to detail, and it goes far beyond what we consider a yearly event.

In my travels to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden this month, I came upon this gorgeous example of the wonder of nature. It doesn’t matter what day or month it is. It just matters that the good people in charge here have taken the time to exhibit plants and samples that we wouldn’t normally come across. So I offer this little ditty to you.

This holiday season, keep the joy you feel alive by thinking about what it means to appreciate the wonders of nature, whether it is a brilliant star high in the sky or a bright blossom right under your nose. Keep the knowledge that even though it is not possible to experience such things on a daily basis, you can make an effort to create a scene if you are diligent and do your garden planning early.

It’s never too soon to join in the holiday chorus.

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