Now to Thank the Castings

Worms. Can’t live with them; can’t live without ’em. Well why and why not? These wiggly, squirmy, utterly gross intestine-looking headless formless beings are just everywhere sometimes. Yet, we hardly notice them.

If all of a sudden, we were without food, compost, humus, friable, nutritious soil for our crops and gardens. If, suddenly, our marigolds didn’t shine and our petunias simply wilted, we would know what it’s like to disregard the importance of worms.

jo's compost pics worm 11-12 (6)
A lowly worm pokes its head out of a rich field of compost

Worms create the pathways in our garden soils that allow the transport of goodies from one part of it to another. They make available to the roots of our plants the water and food needed to grow and, in turn, feed us with their bounty. And they do this without asking for thanks, without putting us in any position of obligation, without asking for attention.

So think about the castings that are the vehicle for change we seek in the garden. To read more, you can access a great site here:

So the next time you see the little pink fingers peeking out after a rainstorm, or stranded on the sidewalk awaiting a hungry robin, take the time to appreciate what worms do for us, all of us. They may not be pretty, but they are the reason we see such beauty all around us, and they should be appreciated for that alone.




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