Showering in April

 A lovely time of year, a time when everywhere you look you can enjoy the sight of bright, yellow daffodils. Of course, they come in all sorts of colors nowadays. But there is nothing like the basic, beautiful, sort of original offering.

 Don’t let their beauty fool you. They are tough. They are impervious to early starts – usually someone is concerned about seeing their sword-like, missile silo-like appearance here and there in the garden. They take and enjoy a covering of snow; a kind of blanket that actually protects and warms them underneath, unseen.

Daffodils, my daffodils, are the best of the gang! They have been with me, bred and re-bred, divided, moved, dug and lain in paper bags for months, in my garden. 

I welcome them, but it is always a wistful welcome. For I know, once they bloom, it is only a matter of time until the real work starts. And they persist until I finally take a clipper to them, and remove their evidence as the season progresses.

So enjoy their looks. They know they are handsome, and what lies ahead for both you and their kind.

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