Welcome to my 2010 Garden!

Here it is May and one no many of the wonderful things that happen is the blooming of many special friends in my garden. Above is my native azalea. This plant is a small shrub, not very distinctive, but in the spring has some fascinating shaped buds which I love to photograph. you can see below that once it blooms, the pretty light orange flowers are very delicate. They don’t last more than a couple of days, so a sheltered understory place is best for them. Mine are next to a large photinia and flanked by a rhodendron of unknown origin and a winged euonymous which has really grown the past year.

My azaleas are very bright. Maybe because of all the snow we had over the winter, something happened and they are just blowing up the landscape with their extreme colors. Some come up later than others, but all are really showing off this year. I’ll be sure to trim them back a bit after bloom to encourage another display next year.

Yellow tulips are so blah, aren’t they? Not mine – when I get in really close i can enjoy the fragrance, slight as it is, and the wonderful color, the color of the sun that brought these forth. My time stamp is from april, but I have it here to welcome spring along with my other blooms posted.

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