Honesty in Truth

Looking at my snowdrops, I see that these are just the most modest and pretty items in the garden for me right now. They don’t have the exuberance of the crocus. They are quiet, so quiet that you don’t even know they are there without peeking in and under and around other plantings.

My own crop is very sparse. They are subject to a lot of reworking each spring and summer. For instance, last year I decided to make their adjoining area into a green patch. Meaning I would grow green leafy veggies like lettuce and Chard, which was very successful, considering I don’t use any pesticides or protection from critters, who were very nice about it, actually.

But the snowdrops come up no matter what. I hope next year they have an easier time of it, or I can somehow propagate them and encourage their increase. Here are two studies of them;

and then an edited version:

There is a great possibility for work with these pretty little fellows, who are just plain there. Like an honest person. No hidden qualities, just quiet companionship.

Look for them and let me know what they truthfully say.

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