Time to Plant the…

I’m a person who loves traditions. I love that there are certain times of the year or season to do certain things, like plantings. I’m a fan of moon-based gardening (another long story), and wanted to honor the traditions I learned of in my extensive immersion into gardening.

One lovely tradition is the planting of beans on St. Patrick’s Day. Now, what about the weather? Well, the days have been getting longer, and whether or not anyone has notices, the earth is no longer frozen, although in some spots a thin sheet of ice may show up in the early morning.

My scarlet runner beans are going to be the vanguard in my life-long battle against weeds. Now, I do like natural, endemic plants, such as teasel, and even dandelion, which way back were not even native, but now accepted as natural occurrences. So, my garden is taken over by blue morning glories each summer, and they have a bad habit of spitting out these tiny black seeds, which are almost impossible to identify if they are lying on the ground.

Not like these runner beans. If all goes well, not only will they light up and brighten the side yard, they will crowd out my adversarial morning glories and replace them with brilliant hummingbird-friendly blooms which are in the end, edible.

Take a look at the beginnings:

Now let’s keep an eye on these beauties and check out the progress over the summer!

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