All the Pretty Colors

I guess deep down I am a glamor girl. I can’t resist trying a new color of lipstick, or a new eye pencil, and am tempted each time I go to my favorite cosmetics outlet. The amazing array of colors and also promises of endless, effortless beauty are too tempting for me to bear. It’s as if I could be made up however briefly with the latest and the greatest products out there.

That’s what reminded me of what happens each summer, when my gardens come into full bloom with annuals leading the way to gorgeous displays that dazzle the senses.

Each summer, going out into the garden is rewarded with a flood of color from the flowers that bloom in their season. In the height of summer, there are almost all the colors of the rainbow. Unlike spring, which seems a limited preview of what is to come. First the purples of crocus, then the whites and yellows of daffodils with the forsythia taking over in its time. But the summer offers much more variety.

There have been years, especially when I first started gardening, when I determined to theme my colors. For instance, Yellow and Red seemed a great combination. This type of effort will unify the yard, and complement each garden to create the whole. That didn’t work. I gave up on that, and now just plant an annual for itself. Many of these brief blooms will supply all the honey and shelter that the insects and small animals need.

Lately, I’ve focused on seed-producing flowers like the marigolds and cosmos, which hold onto the food for the goldfinches, which will also visit the sunflowers in the late summer, hungry and melodious. Or the reds of monarda and scarlet runner beans for the hummingbirds, who must get bored of the sugar water we supply them.

So it goes, and the rainbow of color is one of the best parts of my year. It never fails to amaze me, and brighten each day that I can visit these cheerful sights. And the best part – all these colors, all this is not made up!

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