Rainy Day Reds

It’s raining like crazy today. Rain straight down. Cloud. Saturated colors, especially the blues. But I thought I would show you some of the brightest colors that happen in the early spring.

This plant is the extremely fragrant viburnum Carlesii. I planted this as a small tiny little thing about four years ago, and each year it increased its output of spicy blossoms until it got to where it is today. I am happy with it. It can be cut back as the blossoms are spent, to further increase its blooming for next year.

The only thing I don’t like is cutting out the berries it will produce. So far I haven’t seen a substantial crop of these, so I’m curious what it will do as the season progresses.

In addition to being just pretty to look at, it makes an excellent subject for photos.
So, have I brightened your rainy Wednesday? 

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