The Eagle is Landed

One of my favorite perennials to make an appearance in the spring are the Columbines, or aquilegia (I don’t know how to pronounce it). It means “eagles’ claws” and refers to the talon-shaped petals on the downward-facing blooms.

The word ‘columbine’ means peace! This plant has especially great names if you do think about these things.

What comes to mind is the fact that eagles hunt by diving claws-first onto an unsuspecting fish. So the image is not so much military as necessary. This method of hunting is effective because it produces results quickly and efficiently. Much as our Navy seals have operated recently in world news. This is just an example of where the worlds of nature and the worlds of humankind have melded and the language can actually relate to both contexts.

Now I’m going out of context and getting off the beaten path of mulch and brick. My path seems to be one of airstrikes and weaponry instead. At this fork in the road, I’ll turn back to the garden.

Walk with me to the entrance of my cottage garden. Here is a current denizen that has welcomed me every day for a week now:

Here is another, with more pronounced curls at the end of the petals.
Who can help but be excited at the beauty of these perky little flowers? There are many varieties and cultivars. There is a color and a form to please every gardener, no matter how finicky.
As for me, they will continue to bring thoughts of aggression disguised as beauty. For as surely as nature in all her gentle loving tenderness can turn deadly and destructive, these columbines will bloom and bring gentle spring color to the emerging garden.

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