Stooping to smell the roses

I’m in trouble. I know it because at the end of my busy day, I can hardly move. My middle, especially my back, has suffered horribly through my years, and my efforts to keep it healthy and pliable are coming to an end.

Like a small spring flower or a new treeling, I’m in need of some bracing. I need one of those contraptions where the tree stands in the middle of several guy lines. Safe from winds and other threats while its roots take hold and steady it. For now it must rely on the strength of its helpers.

Unlike the tree, my helpers are mobile and sometimes not even visible. The secret to steady, confident growth for us is a network not of rope and rubber rings, but of people who are there when you need them. People who will steady the ropes as your roots take hold and your trunk gains stability in shaky territory.

I know deep down that my body will not last in this way, without some sort of medical intervention. I hold the thought way down, seek instead the joyful things like sights and scents in my garden and try to understand that even though things may get really rocky as my roots seek home, they will eventually find the steady center and be able to grow from there.

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