Living on the Edge – Teetering and Tottering

I’ve been publicly “accused” of being a cutting-edge person when it comes to technology. That is such a laugh! I’m still lugging around a phone that lacks a QWERTY keyboard, an MP3 player, a Kindle reader, and a point-and-shoot digital camera, and a small laptop.. Since I slowly accumulated each one, I can easily switch from one to the other for the task at hand. And I can even substitute my phone for my MP3 player, if I want to carry a lighter load.

All this is in the face of those who can and do use an iPod, iPad, Android phone, or whatever it is they want to pay for.

It made me think of peaceful childhood memories. I was one who waxed introverted at times. My one pleasure was observing nature, and learning first-had about the creatures and plants that shared my world.

I still do that today. Absconding from my wires and wifi rays, you will find me bending over, or hanging over the bridge on my pond, quietly reverting to my favorite childhood pastime. Checking on my friends, now my responsibility, as I maintain my pond and the ecosystem it creates.

 Ferns and lily pads blend with rocks to create little nooks where mysteries abound. Always shady and cool, this is where lots of life happens.

 Reflections include the plants and an errant vine that take to the water. Inherent in survival is the need for water to keep things flowing, and these plants take advantage of the element.

 I’m also fascinated by the way the ferns and the old wood on the bridge contrast in color and texture. They tend to overgrow, but are fragrant and it is relaxing to join them on a hot afternoon at the pond.

 Pickerel weed at the edge. Looking over some plants blooming. The waterfall beckons with its sound, keeping things aerated and fresh.

A water skimmer waits for prey at the edge. This is the point of no return for dinner, and their amazing habits are interesting to watch.

So when someone thinks of me as an edgy person, they are correct. There is a stark contrast about life on land and life in the water. The water’s edge represents to me the point where two elements meet, and where life can take either form. Water or not?

Wire or not? The choice is up to you but not up to the nature we observe.

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