These Buds R4U

Windy today, but sunny and cool.  This morning as in the past week,  CocoBean and I have started out the door, down the steps toward the pond. My feet are cold in my garden sloggers, and I briefly worry about scrubbing them later to remove the grime concentrated there.

CocoBean runs past me to the bridge. Her world has suddenly expanded from a shelter cage to a house with many rooms, and that exciting room called the back yard. It is exciting for me as well.

What is better than being a part of this beginning. Even though I face another garden year of hard work, and strenuous activity, I look forward to the rewards.

There is something to be said about being the creator of this garden. It is giving nature a way to express herself, the same way I can express myself in my choices of plants, and, of course, pets. CocoBean is beside herself with amazement at this new experience.

Our walk concentrates on this windy morning on the blossoming trees and shrubs as they catch the new day’s sunlight. Each leaf, each petal shines as the dawn brings growth and the next phase of their yearly cycle. CocoBean and I agree that this is the prettiest time of the year.

While there are lots of stray leaves or stems still left over from the winter, there are many opportunities to enjoy the spring. Colors are small areas right now, but CocoBean and I know where to find them.

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