Making Senses

Viburnum doublefile blooms in spring with a strong scent that I love

If asked what my favorite hobby is, I would answer that I am an avid gardener. To me, this pastime far surpasses any other pastime for many reasons. But for me a major factor is the way it appeals to my senses. 

Let me list some ways that it holds my interest and passion. Using the five senses, the reasons are: Taste – from fresh vegetables and fruits. Smell – this goes without saying. Hearing – from the wind to the birds and the bees! Touch – even this is found in my garden, from wet mud to dry fallen leaves. Sight is also satisfied. What more lovely than a well-designed landscape or a colorful jumble of flowers? It’s clear that gardening is a well-rounded activity. Using my hands and thinking through projects and tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment in a creative way. 

There is no doubt the five senses are at work here, along with a desire to be close to nature and become less stressed. These are the reasons that gardening makes the most sensesto me.

 Daffodils are really very special
Peaches have to start somewhere

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