April Come She Will

 While traversing my garden I always find ways to see the blossoms on the various shrubs that I keep.

Viburnum Doublefile explodes into a white cascade of flowers each spring, holdng forth over the pond and providing cover and shade for a woody area.

My front porch is guarded by a couple of Sand Cherries, which along with all the cherry trees in Monmouth County, bloom in an interesting, red and white glory. My complaint is that they do not last very long, while the former Viburnum hangs on to its show for a couple of weeks.

At least they are thriving, and I always enjoy their coming awake in the spring to motivate me to take care of them and their areas.

An area that is really fun at all times is my pond. When I show pictures of this, many people ask me where it is. After all these years, I take it for granted that my pond, the fish and occasional frog, are a normal part of my landscape. It has admittedly gone its own way over the years. 

 The banks are overgrown with yellow flag and asters. I’ve managed to grow ferns and hosts but the asters and other weeds seem to be determined to fight them back and dominate. It’s a constant battle in one way, but a triumph of nature in another way.

Evenings are lovely here by my pond edge. It’s usually cooler and very private. A glass of wine and the music of the waterfall are all I need to end a busy day of weeding and transplanting.

Come hear the sounds of the birds. Come watch CocoBean chase a butterfly. Smell the fragrance of mint and fennel. Fish jump at mosquitos.

Peace can be made and for a second or two, there is peace here in my spring garden.

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