The Amsoniac

It’s like this – you either like these crazy plants, or you don’t. If you are running a full house like I am, one where all and any are welcomed and are found a place, you are a liker.

Amsonia is liked. I acquired this pretty little thing at a garden club event, where they were passing out free pots as long as they lasted. And last they did. At the end of the day, myriad friends were insisting that I turn in the poor specimens I had collected and bring home a fuller, more heady item.

As for me, I knew that it really didn’t matter how the plant looked for the nonce. What is important is that the plant not only survive the summer, but survive the winter, and begin to root down and grow up come spring, and a new growing season.

So my year and a day with Amsonia began.

This is a fantastic, pretty native to our central New Jersey area. One has to consider that it has evolved, as they say, along with the bugs and birds and even the bacteria that help it along. These are the things I might worry about. You might say – it’s just a plant!

Well, maybe just a plant to you, but to me, it’s a way to restore some semblance of natural plantings here in my yard. I’ve started yet another garden, this time one that is completely out of control because of the rampant joy of some fennel that replanted itself.

Nonetheless, I did persist, and after ensuring the safety and health of my new hellebores, which seem okay except that only one has sprung a new leaf.

This is telling. I can see how the row of hellebores will be very attractive, once they take hold. They will make a great companion to the amsonia. This is something to look forward to, and as summer wears on, nurturing this little corner of my yard will be a project that I will actually look forward to.

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