Global Swarming – Creating Fear and Api-prehension

Why all the buzz? How can something so natural, so beautiful, so teaching moment-ous, be seen as a threat?

Only in New York’s overpopulated, overparanoid environment can the actual natural environment be accused of terroristic activities and treated as a harmful, dangerous albeit interesting phenomenon.

The above link will defy popular misinformation and explain the exploitation. We were on the receiving end of this last week, when a swarm chose our frontage as a suitable spot for their orgy of regeneration. Instead of calling 911 and behaving like neanderthals bent on destroying all six-legged threats to their home and hearth, we stood there in suitable awe, and the bees did their thing and, predictably, moved on.

Here’s my Fox News version:

A swarm of bees! Neighbors cowered in panic as emergency vehicles block access to streets. Schools and shopping centers were affected because of this overnight change. Losses were in the tens of dollars, causing near-economic collapse as milk products soured.

A six-block radius was locked down and people were ordered inside indefinitely. Bees! they were the cause of traffic being diverted to prevent any contact. Squirming, buzzing creatures actually had the audacity to behave instinctively to perpetuate the species.

One brave man stated “Bees have a lot of nerve to collect in such a manner. You never see people doing that.”

Seems we forgot such things as rock concerts, festivals, the Long Branch Family Day event, the Red Bank Pub Crawl. At least these critters were not destructive. In fact, they are a welcome sight. They have survived a virus that kills them off. They have evaded herbicides, insecticides, and lack of habitat. But without someone explaining things, including that they are not aggressive at this stage of their lives, people will continue to not understand.

So we were grateful, and hopefully our block will continue to be a stopping point in the nuptial flight of future virgin queens. Instead of buzzing, get the harp and the violin. Start the music!

But the bees who survive our population, poisons, viruses and other enemies are grateful for that tree, and we will look forward to future shows of success for them.

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