Mulch Ado about – Nothing? No Way!

During this time, we did a reno’ on the yard. It needed to be cleaned up and things needed to be put in their proper place. I suppose 20 years in is about time to do these things, but I didn’t know how much I appreciate mulch as part of the plan.

If you think about it, mulch is nothing more than a covering for the soil. Sort of a blanket that protects and shields it from damage or even weeds. So I set about placing it strategically around the yard one fine spring.

There is no way I’m suggesting that anyone go out and purchase such a load of, well, dirt. We needed to update things and hope they didn’t get out of hand. But it has worked out. Please come back and see how the mulch upgrade helped to keep things in their place and neatly at that.

I hope this encourages gardeners not to fear the black stuff. Just place it strategically and watch that black magic take effect!


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