Jo’s Weedly Report


With nothing better to do, NOT! I girded up and headed for the front yard this morning to do battle with Motherwort, an invasive, cruel adversary.
Motherwort has a fine, respectable background. She was used as a medicinal and was/is a valuable addition to any herbalist’s repertoire. You can read more here:

However, I need to object. Although she is pretty, vibrant, and even smells nice, she is a horror to have in a perennial bed or any border. She starts off small, starting from so much as an infinitesimal piece of root, and soon is the only, and I mean only, thing you can see.

So once again, I’m out there, sitting on my milk crate, with my three best cutting and digging out tools in hand, gloved and determined.

I take each and every piece of her I can manage to grab or loosen, and pile them in a central mound. This mound is meant to heat up and sink, creating a little compost pile that can then be turned into the ground, or heaped upon my existing compost pile. It is good.

What is not good, is the return of Motherwort. She will sneak in again, maybe toward the hot days of summer, when I tend to huddle under the ceiling fan for hours. 

All this to avoid the poison of RoundUp and its residual side effects. My hands are tired, I am stiff, but ready to be vigilent.

If I weren’t at least willing to try, my nemesis will return five-fold. The important thing is that I gave it a try.

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