Bamboozled in Middletown – They Culm but they Don’t Go

Off to the races!
Normally, we would reserve such a phrase for racing animals – horses, unfortunate abused dogs – people in potato sacks. But who ever used it on a horticultural specimen? Me.
Just a quick update on my hated bamboo patch, and also some questions.

The patch has jumped both fences. The neighbor, and the easement to the street. It looked like the culms had been cut, but they have come back within a week. There is one stalk that has sinewed its way upward through a photinia.

So, at what point do the homeowners get together to discuss what to do. Who pays for eradication of the infestation. When do either say oh, oh. When do they find the time to de-culm their otherwise manicured lawn? When does the township decide to step in to clear the runway so to speak?

Perhaps when their little dogs get caught in the stems, they will realize that they have made a huge mistake in planting this menace.

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