Blue Sky, Sore Back

Let’s be honest here. I do a lot in the garden, and I don’t know when to stop. 

Today was a clear, cool, lovely day to be outside. Me, my favorite tools, my garden seat, and the birds. While they peeped and cheeped, I chopped and hoe’d. By the time I was done, my back was sore and I was satisfied.

When I did stop, I had achieved the following:

  • Cut back wayward wood on North fence;
  • Pulled vines from mulched areas in old pond garden and side of house;
  • Planted out zucchinis and some more hot Italian longs;
  • Planted out fennel seeds and tiny baby anise hyssop;
  • Planted out marigolds around garden and in other spots
  • Cleaned up overgrown ferns to neaten up sitting area.
Is that enough for one day? Now for the daily anticipation of sprouting seeds. I still have some seeds and some beans to plant but there’s still plenty of time. And I did find one Sweet Annie sprout which I promptly installed near the sitting area. Welcome back, Annie. I wouldn’t be happy without her in my garden.

Now to rest, only to pick it up again tomorrow. So I did stop eventually, but only for a bit.

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