A Lovely Garden

What can you say when it’s full-on summer and you have become intimately involved with the garden you tend.

Whether it’s from the bottom up, having hand-dug and hand-tilled each and every inch or at the top of the garden, nipping and pinching at the growth you see. You can tell from your experience how things are going, who has to be moved or removed, and what changes you are planning for next season.

I wasn’t able to create a fall garden this year; a leg injury prevented me from being too close to the ground, but energy does return. A spring garden should indeed give way to a fall, and maybe a winter garden. As things subside, new ones take their place.

Although the area is finite, the possibilities are not. They keep changing, and that is what makes the work of gardening so rewarding. From one season to the next, there is a chance to renew and refresh not only the passage of the living things, but your energies and creativity. They are always there.

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