Finally, a ‘Shroom of One’s Own – Virginia should see this

 While I’m no great novelist, I had occasion to encounter a fun guy one day. Well, what have we here, said I. One fine morning after a rainy spell, I came across this feller near my driveway. There were a couple of them, but this one seemed to settle in and make a home of my messy lawn.

As with any mushroom that I meet in my yardly peregrinations, I thought that this one would do the usual. Sit tight, dry up and move on.

But it didn’t. This mushroom remained steadfast through some more rain, became an ugly dark splotch on the lawn, and frankly, made me afraid to approach it. I took it to be a male organism, as it gave off a charm that was unmistakeable for a fungus, and made himself known every day.

So I let him be. Live and let live, says this not-so expert on mushroom species here in the neighborhood. I really must pay closer attention to these fungal bodies. They are a clever survival mechanism that harbors life as we don’t know it and never will. I consider mushrooms a mystery of nature, here for us to ponder and there for us to consume or avoid.

My Google pictures didn’t satisfy. If I were to offer this to the world, what would I call it. Perhaps a quick email to a friend or two would suffice. But let’s just call it a day, or a week, in this case, and let it go. One thing is for sure – the spores are here to stay, and next year I’ll be looking for a sign, a revival, of my big giant brown friend.

So it goes, mysteries abound on the ground as well as above. Take the time to admire a primitive cousin and watch for more examples of fungus as the season goes. Maybe you will learn a thing or two, about these interesting organisms.

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