Tying Up Loose Ends – Leave It To The REAL Webmasters

Fall has come once again to the fair state of New Jersey. With howling winds, trees teased sideways in wind, and neighbors’ trees shedding mounds upon mounds of debris onto my garden, I welcome a brief rest from the frantic weeding, pulling and planting of the summer season.

Yes, fall is here, and one of the signs of fall is the activities of the spiders around my yard. They spin thick webs on the lawn, coat shrubs with their blankets. It is almost as if they are attempting to shelter not only themselves, but every creature, cold-blooded and otherwise, under their mantle of protection.

The webs look best after a light rain, while other surroundings are bright with north light of an afternoon.
Notice next time you venture out, when it’s still too warm to wear a coat, yet cold enough to warrant a short excursion, how grandmother spider has been knitting silently during the drumming of the rain and the hissing of falling leaves.

Her sound is absent, but her signs are visible.

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