Starting a Garden

Thinking about starting a garden? Why now, why in February when it is still so cold that you just want to stay indoors and ride it out.

Some days have ice covering the entire neighborhood. Other days have a coating of white snow when soon turns to either piles on the side of the road or just plain mush when walking.

Actually, now is the perfect time to consider your options come the warmer weather. As soon as the snow melts, be ready to go out there and lay out your plans.

In my case, it usually starts with a bunch of saved newspapers. Culled from the recycling bin, these wads of newsprint provide a clean, easy and biodegradable way to create a pattern where I want to plant.

My only mistake last year, was that I didn’t leave enough room to walk and tend the garden. Maybe I got a little carried away with the ability just to create that garden. But this year I’ll do smaller areas, and see how that goes.

Luckily, I can spend hours just thinking about this. It sure beats having my mind on more “serious” pursuits!

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