Do We Really Wanna Go There? – to the Garden I mean

Ouch. Off to the backyard today, to recover my senses and sensibility.

As a rule, I wander out there with my coffee, dog and cat to monitor and notice things as they are happening. This past winter, we have to look past the anomalies caused by #climate change as well as #el Nino, and be faithful to our cause.

In my case, there are many tasks that happened already. First, the early bloomers. The very first, sometimes under or with the snow. Snowdrops that were a gift from a friend have returned, as well as my hellebores, another salvage from a sold home.

Additional tasks completed were pruning the roses; I missed one! and pulling some grass. Now here’s the thing. My mulch has saved me tremendously in that the grass I’m mentioning has a shallow, crawling root. This will be in another posting. It’s just that I’m amazed at how it really works when mulch is seriously used.

So be brave and take the plunge. You will be rewarded soon!


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