It’s All In The Families

A group of flowers, happily reawakened in the spring and awaiting further notice of sunshine, longer days and eventual dropping back down to resume their rest.

Just liearly spring crocus 3-15--18ke a family. This group of crocuses has been poking its way through the duff of the previous year’s leaves and twigs for indeed many a year. So I leave them alone. They are quite happy providing early spring nutrition to the few bees that arrive at this time. So I leave them alone.

There, among the brown dry leaves of last year’s glorious fall and snowy winter, they emerge together, greet one another as families do, then go on to do their business. For good or bad, better or worse, they did not pick their place or their companions. Just like a real family group, and I am always glad to be one with them, every spring.

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