Now You Seed ’em – Now You See ’em

I am in awe of my extreme talent as a gardener. I have single-handedly created a living plant from a seed. Yes, it was all me, me me. As a gardener, I’ve always relied on others for things – supplies like potting soil, pots, seeds, plants. But now I see that I can be a self-sufficient planter, and make a go of it.

My only problem thus far is the intensity, the boisterousness of the plants that I started. Today, facing a Sunday of snow and cold, I was forced to remove three zucchinis from their places, and put them into a bigger pot. I found that I can use plastic containers such as from cut up salad mixes, just fine, with small pots inside. The shape is a bit off; no more than three at a time here and lots of negative space. But it will have to do.

Don’t know at this point when the soil will be ready out there. Facing a chore of mulching after tilling. We still till, although I’m kind of up in the air, having heard “things.”

So, at this point, we have some tiny green specks in the growth media. The tomatoes, the Beefsteaks and the San Marzanos, are just today beginning to push up through the top of the medium.

The zinnias all need to be repotted, too. They are not giving me a second set of leaves, but the two that I tried the transplant are doing well. The trick with zinnias and a lot of other annuals that started out as wild things, is to bury the stem, making for a stronger foundation. Right now, the zinnias look like emaciated giraffes, with their long necks seeking light, which as the seeds come up and are separated out into new pots, grows more and more sparse.

What have I started! It’s not just seeds. It is a project that needs tending daily, and uses the last strength of all my muscles. I just need to keep going, have faith, and get past our hopefully last snow, last freeze, and longer days beyond the spring equinox. Goodness, what have I started!

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