Snow Snow Go Away

Although I don’t share (any more) the dread of wet sticky slippery snow in an early morning wind on an hour-long journey to a different state to earn my living, I am very tired of cold and snow.

There are some benefits to snow. It acts as a natural mulch in the garden. It insulates, and keeps the ground from heaving and getting messed up. I especially like after a melt when the bare ground is sort of cavey and bubbly once it dries. There is a satisfying crunch as I venture forth to assess the damage.

winter snowstorm 2016 (107 of 246)
Sad and lonely or just resting up.

Damage is possible at this point. We’ve had a few good days where the magnolias have bloomed. Crocuses are finishing up, as are the snowdrops and hellebores. The bradford pears and cherries a

re beginning to swell.

So what’s next – just waiting, I would say. Waiting for this equinox day to prove its worth and turn things around. Not for hot, humid weather. Just a nice breeze, sunshine and continued return of the green for which we have waited so long, and continue to wait.

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