Pass the – What! – Mustard is Almost in Season

We’ve all heard the complaints and the questions. What is that plant? What is that plant that is green? What is that plant that has the white flowerheads, and seems to be the only plant in some of our backyards?

It’s mustard, folks! Plain and simple. Mustard greens, anyone?

Garlic mustard
Alliaria petiolata


…and here is a great website to freak you out if you’re not scared already…

Notice how it does not call it invasive or persistent – NOXIOUS!!! The worst kind of a weed.

Forget the bright green, gorgeous color, or the fringed, decorative leaves. Forget the even usefulness of the plant (here are some edible solutions!) this one is out to get you.

Along with catnip, bee balm, and lemon balm, this crazy grower joins motherwort, aster, ground ivy, and bugleweed as this week’s winners for why your knees will hurt tonight. Get out there and pull, pull, pull.

Luckily, I’ve installed mulch to the point where I can easily lift the bad guys from the soil, as we speak. They have gone into the compost pile, as I’m not a great cook, and this will ensure that they will somehow return their molecules to either an edible plant in the vegetable family, or to the soil from which they came.

I am not going to worry about not having these guys around. I’m going to simply pull, push and probe and sit back and wait for another flush of victory from mean ms. mustard.

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