Just a Few More – Update on Tabletop Garden

So what are we waiting for? For a few weeks now, I have faithfully watered, shone light upon, opened blinds for, and repotted my started plants. #Zucchini, #peppers, #tomatoes, and even #zinnias, have responded with a burst of fresh growth and long, tall stems stretching beyond their capacity toward the light.

This is the point where even with repotting, and with partial exposure to the fine April weather here in #NewJersey, I have to be aware that things may go south (sic) very quickly, should a bacterium or something worse than the hatched gnats that flit around the soil that I used, occur.

That would be a condition called #dampingoff. It has the capacity to devastate all the work, and yes, attachment and bonding that I feel with these green entities. Damping off can destroy a new crop of seedlings if there is too much, too little, or too dirty water or soil involved.

So, I have begun to plant out the plants that I consider the hardiest. I had a couple of failures, and had to rescue a tomato and two peppers. Even though the edges of their leaves burned in a heavy, dry wind, a zucchini that followed, and made it into the ground, fared better.

Even though it lost a couple of its leaves, new leaves have grown and it seems to have adapted to the conditions in the garden. My soil is still a bit clumpy and wet underneath the surface, still a soaking with water seems to have helped, since the soil itself is rich with organic matter and weed sprouts. I’m hoping the worms are working to aerate the soil around the zucchini’s roots, and continue to do their magic.

So what am I waiting for? Every day brings a few more minutes of sunlight (not dark) and the soil warms as this occurs. A temporary drought or wind is no longer a threat during the increasing light. So I wait, and continue to repot, and try a plant here and there, as I make my way through my table and plan my garden.

Just a few more weeks, days, hours and then suddenly it’s time to go! I’m hoping that is sooner than later, and looking to the success of my efforts.

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