Some New Plants – and Plans

With spring comes our semi-annual plant exchange. The Navesink Garden Club did a great job, yesterday, with providing me with three great choices for my shady garden.

spring garden 5-16-33
A very young Japanese Beech Fern with small fiddlehead.

First, the Japanese Beech Fern, a nice addition to my sitting area, which should do well underneath my doublefile viburnum as it will receive the bright shade it requires, as well as regular attention from me as I manage the back areas. It seems to be well-suited not only to this area, but able to withstand future divisions as the seasons turn.



spring garden 5-16-48
Light Pink Astilbe at the front of the Virginia Bluebell clump.

Next, a cute little light pink astilbe, which will live at the edge of the unplanted area in the same place. it is currently poised to take over when the Virginia Bluebells take their long summer nap, after providing color, honey. and a nice focal point all spring.

And, lastly, a Lady’s Mantle (Alchimella ‘mollis’) which will be able to colonize an area between and in front of the doublefile and my blue stallion holly, lending a woodsy, wild, flavor to the sitting area.

spring garden 5-16-39
Lady’s Mantle showing its rainy look and new growth at lower right.

I’m thankful to my friends for letting me grow these, and looking toward welcoming their success in my efforts to bring home the wild things that have been so missed in our land.

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