Cosmic Cosmos

cosmos with bee summer 2004-2.jpgWe’ve all heard about saving the bees, and saving the environment. It’s what planting native varieties is all about. Summer past, and hopefully this summer as well, will see these blooms once again.

There is nothing special about cosmos. Unless you consider its flagrant color which attracts many insects. Or its crepe-like appearance, both delicate and tough at the same time. The flowers are not very fragrant, nor do they drop much pollen when handled. They last well in water, and their seeds attract small finches and other birds.

This is a favorite all-around flower. It may grow tall, so place it at the back of your arrangement. It will draw the eye, and on sunny days it won’t wilt as will other blooms. Cosmos comes in many different colors and types. There are singles (which are easier for bugs to land upon), and there are doubles. Also, smaller varieties.

Try a few out this summer. You may find that the cosmos is calling you. A far-out idea whose time is coming soon.

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