Under the Eaves – Nestwatchers Journal

It would seem the most important thing for a bird, in this case a robin, is to secure a safe, sustainable spot to raise a family and rest in seclusion and safety during storms.

eve the robin 5-16
View from the window

My deck has become this spot. As you can see, there is a sort of space between the light and the roof that somehow attracted a female robin. I think she may be young and inexperienced, but she certainly is a smart one. Smart because she has figured out the perfect location to raise her brood.

With all that being said, here is the view on the deck. This would be

eve the robin's nest 5-16
Cat’s-eye view

a cat’s-eye view, as there is no bird here. Eve, as she is being called, just has to lean over slightly to transit to the ground, or even to a branch of the nearby shade-giving river birch. What a grand situation! Squirrels can’t lean over and snatch the babies, cats can’t manage the thin branches or jump – where? Dogs just about ignore this matter. Rain is deflected, as is bright sun and even wind.

So, I am proud of this mama bird for figuring all this out. I just hope that as the hatch happens, and the fledging happens, that those who make it despite the cat, dog, squirrels, crows, weather, will continue the bright song and bright colors of their kind, and gift me with being a part of my garden.


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