Such a Friendly Place – Do This for the Birds


Checklist for Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard

  • Re-create the multiple layers of plant growth found in natural areas.
  • Select plants to provide nutritional foods during different seasons.
  • Plant shrubs and small trees in same-species clumps for adequate pollination of fruits.
  • Provide at least one clump of conifers (evergreens).
  • Leave dead trees, standing or fallen, to provide nesting and foraging sites.
  • Consider topping dead trees rather than removing the whole tree if safety is an issue.
  • Leave vines, or plant native additions.
  • Limit the size of your lawn for less mowing, less fertilizing, less watering, and less pollution.
  • Avoid invasive exotic (non-native) plants.
  • Supply a source of water – dripping or running water is a better attractant than still water.
  • Provide and monitor nest boxes of various sizes.
  • Leave some leaf litter on the ground.
  • Stop using pesticides in your yard.
  • Use only organic, slow release fertilizers, preferably your own compost, if needed.

From Bird Gardens ; Welcoming Wild Birds to Your Yard. by Stephen W. Kress (Editor)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s 21st-century Gardening Series


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