It’s a (tomato) Jungle Out There

spring garden with tomato jungle 6-16-22

I’ve been out in the garden so much lately that it’s been quiet around this blog. But this morning I finally got out there during the shady hours and weeded and watered and planted.

The weather has settled, and my hard work seems to be paying off. The plethora of tomato plants is the result of discovering a bunch of volunteers earlier in the spring and mostly leaving them along. I have two beefsteak plants, and a bunch of San Marzanos that I grew from seed. I’m hoping that well, maybe I’ll be able to tell the 2016 plants from the volunteers.

spring garden with tomato jungle 6-16-25

I hope that whatever happens, that somehow the hybrids that apparently like my yard, produce some kind of edible product. If not, I’ll toss them. But, what if they do!

The fantasy of having a true, organic, heirloom plant is exciting. Maybe nothing will happen, and I’m ready for that. But this seed-saving urge has gotten really strong lately in the face of GMO and corporation-dominated decisions that we make (even when it comes to our health).

For our health comes from what we eat. If we continue to rely on transportation using fossil fuels, on companies making us eat what they want, based on their ease of manufacturing, we are truly going to perish. Our children and our future generations don’t stand a chance, with new conditions arriving all the time due to the changing climate.

So, I’m trying to work with the planet here. I’ve accepted that weeding is a major activity, since I don’t use herbicides on food. But using natural methods is not hard in a small garden. Well, as long as I can fit my behind on the ground between rows!

Hopefully, my tomato jungle will provide much food for us this summer, and what better way to tangle things up than with a recipe for success.


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