Getting in Tune – by the Moon

Today is reputed to be a good day for starting seeds, perhaps repotting or replanting, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

Ever the one to tend one’s own garden, I’m anxious to allay the fears of my tender seedlings as they begin to flop over, and rebel against the constraints of their tiny little balls of nutrients. Simply said, the nutrients are used up, and the plants are seeking and wanting higher ground.

Although it may seem silly, or superstitious, the season turns as the moon makes its way through her phases, providing clues, without any other means, as to when to work, when to rest. It is no wonder, no secret, that before there were books, power tools, social media, there was the simple act of looking up. Staying in tune.

Being in tune is fine, but staying in tune is hard work. Remember, if you are not gardening or don’t have the place or time, look up and receive the wisdom of the moon’s cycle. Let the music of the universe sink into your weary day is done eyes, and relax in cool, serene light. This is your option.

Know that there is more than one way to stay in tune.


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