Off to a, well, a Start

Wondering why I keep a database? Well what can be more fun than getting your hands all full of sand, silt, and such and then turning on your computer and getting all that dust into the new keyboard you bought last fall?

In my case, I busted out my shoebox full of collected seeds. Many of my friends are generous to a fault, and I am a sucker for free things. So, in exchange for whatever I can offer, I often come home with double the effort. So, in my little treasure box, were the following, left over from last year’s garnering:


Full plant list table
number Botanical Name Common Name Source Year Location Notes TYPE photo
883 spinach Spinach Burpee 17 planted in herb garden on 3-29-17   V  
884 Lettuce Lettuce – Dark Green Cos (Romaine) Page’s Seeds 17 planted in herb garden on 3-29-17   V  
885 Corn Earth Tones Dent Corn Renee’s Garden 17 planted in side garden on 3-29-17   V

Now, bear please. The lettuce and the spinach needed to go out like yesterday. The corn is just a filler, something to add interest and fun when people walk through. Oh, let me face facts. The only ones who walk through are me, my dog and an occasional rabbit who is risking health and home to do so. Corn is something that is quite interesting to grow. The ears usually turn out to be all silk, but even that is fun to watch. Corn is an homage to the beginnings of agriculture in our country.


The salad greens, well, they will be a welcome relief to the wilted, mushy mess that I buy at least once every two weeks at the supermarket. It’s convenient and good to have over the winter, but nothing tastes better than some gritty greens fresh from the morning dew.

snowstorm john visit  2-17-1.JPG
Lots and lots of snow this winter. Missy did fine.

Another addition to the garden this year is a cosmos, given by a friend, who took the time to collect so many of them, that I simply placed the seeds in a long planter. I will be able to move them when young, and have a great display for the bugs this summer!
So today marks the beginning of the planting, although the pruning had begun last week once I was sure the frost was gone. There is still some snow on the ground, but that will be gone soon.

Welcome to the new growing season!

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