The Resistance Garden

We’ve all heard of the Victory Garden. People were fighting the good fight overseas, mImage result for victory gardenaybe doing without. People were working hard, all together, to procure goods, weapons, uniforms for the fighting forces. It’s a nice idea – I mean, being patriotic and showing the world we can be self-sufficient while gathering the fruits of our labor, while young men fought the evil enemies of Democracy.

Some of the sentiments seen on the page where I found this picture, tout patriotism and victory, as they should. Nazi-ism and Fascism are indeed less desirable forms of government than what we used to have here in these United States.

So I’m plImage result for victory gardenaying on this theme. Today and tomorrow I am declaring my own vegetable garden a Resistance Garden. That is to say, that what I am doing in response to our food being part of a corporate land-grab, hardly grown locally, overpriced and separated

by economic class, is growing my own food.

By separated, the simple fact that higher-priced food, such as certified organic or vegan goods, are available to a certain economic group. The majority of Americans opt for the highly-processed stuff, even so far as to buy whatever type of meat from whatever source or processing methods, are there. After all, without access to reproductive medicine for some women, children just seem to appear and stream forth without rhyme or reason. While the 1% who can, do the family planning thing.

But that is for another day. Back to gardening –

My vegetable garden is like a recipe for eggplant Parmesan. Being Italian-American, it’s what I know. Grandma’s generation kept some tomato plants every summer, in the common areas of the small apartment buildings they lived in. Not quite a brownstone, the Brooklyn multi-family units were more like blended family units where summer meant fresh grapes, tomatoes, and other delights. The traveling watermelon vendor took up the dessert part, with sweet, juicy melons with big, black pits we would spit at things and at each other.


So I’m working on a Resistance Garden. To show that my values include providing for my family, and for my neighbors, and for keeping and growing not only my plants, but my knowledge and experience as well. For who knows, that ringing whining warning sound may someday not be for unusual, vicious flash floods, but for a war that won’t take the time for our fighters to rally or our cars to start. It could all be over in one great big, single flash.

In the meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted on my progress here. Glog on!


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