Let it Reign – Precipitating Change

tray full of rain 5-17
There’s enough water here for a footbath!

Just survived the second massive rainfall in a week or so. It seems that no matter what the day or the time, the increase in intensity of these rain(storms) is noticeable. This is what it looks like.

Before this new type of rain, I would go out side and enjoy the feel of cool water lightly kissing my face and hands. Not any more. When it rains, it’s literally as if the heavens have opened up a faucet. A heavenly faucet, no longer a pleasant concept. This type of rain stings, pushes, soaks.

If I’m driving, the rain becomes a wave on the road. You can see the ripples pushing toward the car, as you ride through. Time for all-wheel drive? Waves of rain on the ground push against fabric sneakers or slippery soles.

Trees bend and sway under this type of rain. Weaker, more brittle types such as silver maples, eagerly drop their dead limbs onto the road, endangering parked cars and who knows? dog walkers.

yard flood - peak type rain 5-17-3It’s damp, cold, wet. The garden, still fallow, reveals where the dog had dug her holes and tramped through after a tilling. Rivulets of water drift toward their lowest point, increasing the depression left by a filled-in pond. Although that was a sad day, the day we removed the pond, nothing is sadder than knowing the rainwater is taking back the parts of the yard that want to become vernal pools.

If you want to know more, I’ve added some links, but there are so many more. It i

seed tray flood 5-17
A possible drowning and no lifeguard.

s amazing that we continue to talk of children growing up and future plans, when the impact of this will not only affect our future plans, it will make us vulnerable in so many new ways.

Then I remember – the most important thing, the thing that many of our nation’s and the world’s problems flow from, is the impact of climate change due to human activity, on our very lives. And we have a government that vehemently denies such a thing, in fact encouraging the acceleration of troubles, and here is why.

Turning toward renewable energy, for our needs, using science and talent to develop sustainable practices in commerce, energy. Education, even decreasing the size of our families. Humane, realistic immigration policies – the list goes on.

#Resist the need for people, aka Republicans, to ignore the reality of climate change, their refusal to acknowledge and look into ways to alleviate what’s coming. The poor, the not-rich, are going to be in the most trouble. Lack of a secure, stable future means change for us all.

#Resist and plant your gardens. Figure out how to use more ferns, more water-loving plants and how to eat them. Figure out how to channel the water into rain gardens and storage for dry spells.

It is here, and it is not going to be fun. #Trump cannot be in charge of the destruction of our system of checks and balances. Ignorance is not bliss in this case. #Trump may be in a golden tower or a white house, but he too will someday have to face the fact that his behavior is killing people, if not now, in the near very ear future.

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