Mudslide, or It Travels Downhill

me – geyser of water near fence. hmmmm
missy – ooh water I’m digging this.
me – What’s with this mud and flood suddenly appearing in my herb garden?
me – oh, kind sir it seems your geyser of water is flooding my resistance garden where I grow my edibles.
kind neighbor – oh, it’s clean water. No chemicals. i will now move it further over.
me – WTF! that’s not the point. Your pool water does not belong under my hellebores. What on earth do you think gives you the permission to invade my carefully-tended resistance garden here!
kind neighbor – okay I moved the hose away from the fence.
me – WTF!
How is it the the nicest people to your face are doing nefarious activities behind your back. Oooooooh, that’s right. Mudslide.

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