Leave Me A Loam – Dirty Tactics Abound

Dirt. Sand. Gravel. Mud. And loam. A bit about a bit of earth. My life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t extol the virtues of a good, solid patch of dirt.

Loam is the goal. A goal of loam can be started at any time, by any gardener. In my case, I use a rather informal compost heap, and incorporate its lowest layers, and sometimes the residents thereof, each year when we prepare the garden for vegetables. Otherwise, loam is layered into any new plantings, just to give the existing soil a boost without drastically changing the microclimate that is already there and in full operation.

Here are some dirty pictures.

daffodils 4-17-14.JPG
New plantings need to find their way into existing neighbors. These will initially welcome the Curly Fries Hosta but as she grows stronger, she will be divided and helped to find herself in more than one place.
spring plants and new curb gardens 5-17-3.JPG
A new garden area. Mulch, topsoil will encourage the soil to actually change its ways and become an attractive, fun area to watch mostly native plants attract those bees and butterflies.

Now we turn to the dirtiness that corrupts leaders, those who somehow become powerful, whether through wealth or greed, pour upon us.

We are similar to the ecosystem, the flora and fauna that occupy a patch of ground. But sometimes that ground is amended to the point where it no longer can support the lives of those who depend on it. When we are working in our garden, and making decisions about what goes where, almost as if we are gerrymandering positions of plants, we need to remember that we have a drastic effect on life itself.

Although this vital fact is recognized and respected by most of us, some will try to change things and make it impossible for us to thrive. Be it too much water in the form of rain, flooding due to melting icecaps, or pure destruction from brush fires and mudslides. These calamities may increase as time goes on, and prevention and intervention must be done.

The difference between the groundswell of support from the masses, and the opposition of a few, is the timing and severity of penalty for not complying with simple adjustments in our lives.

But the garden will grow, although somehow very vigorously at times. We gardeners must continue to bring harmony and peace to our pieces of ground. We have to be aware of the need for stability and diversity.

We need to grow our #resistancegardens one more season!



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