Teaming With Life – Gardens and Groups

spring garden 5-17-16.jpg
Some galloping jenny (my term), a hosta and a Japanese fern accompany each other before things get going.
spring garden 5-17-7.jpg
Two very different sedums grow together in harmony.

Democrat, Republican, Perennial or Annual? These are things that weigh heavy now that we have settled into what is supposed to be a new administration, a new president’s leadership. Take care, though. This is not what has happened.

Just as a garden peacefully exists as a group, a group of plants give or take a ceramic frog or two, people belong to other people and get along great, as long as there is no change. A change can come in the form of a new transplant or even a pile of mulch in between the stems. Yes, change can disrupt any team player.

Nowadays, the teams we are on serve to give us good news. Support and succor comes in the form of strokes, or in the case of a garden, nice, deep cultivation that prevents weeds and other unwanted guests from interfering with success. But come an inept landscaper, things go awry.

So keep the faith, furrow with confidence. Sharpen those tools and know that #resistance is needed. Needed to show independence, intelligence and a respect for the life of the team, whether underfoot or threatened by overlords.

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