The Roots of All – Evil

My yucca filamentosa removal project has reached a new frenzied high. This morning I was greeted by yet more little shoots this time in various places that seemed to be removed (and I thought removed) from the original sites of the mature plants.

left garden w yucca root removal 8-17 (1 of 8).JPG (2 of 8).JPG
Clean white centers, dirty ambitions!

So I got out my shovel and began to dig. Past the mulch, past the topsoil, admiring the cleanliness and readiness for cultivation that I had provided. Well, here come the reasons for the shoots. The roots!

Roots are amazing things. In my touching and vibing of the roots this morning, I felt that the plant is contained not only in the beautiful once-a-year white flowers, or the huge pods that do actually feed some birds, but in the roots themselves.

left garden w yucca root removal 8-17 (1 of 8).JPG (1 of 8).JPG
Curbing rampant proliferation.

This could be a good thing, but only if you are a purveyor of yucca root. The huge, fat, (albeit turd-like) objects are full of good vitamins, fats, life itself. Or evil. Or good. Whichever way you look at it.

Like in life, sometimes a major part of ambition is just below the surface. Or like some parts of these living things, far below, is vertically poised for the first opportunity to regain a position of dominance.

left garden w yucca root removal 8-17 (1 of 8).JPG (3 of 8)
Vertical readiness.

And as a gardener, my symphony of beauty and natively safe plants needs tuning sometimes. Around, and on top, and now even under these past residents.

Please don’t freak. Yucca f. has its place. Just be careful, and be mindful. They are hard to remove, and can be considered a hidden evil. Or the root of it all.

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