Planning for the Garden

Gardening is a happy activity. It allows a chance to get down, really close, to the ground and to see what goes on under muddy-shod feet. I say that becauase I actually have shoes that are only for “outside.” In fact, two pairs – one for the back yard, and a newer,20171214_090222 more presental pair for the front porch. That way, I’m always ready to hop in and take care of an errant branch, or a dead leaf, interrupting whatever other activity I had set out to do.

Now, in the deep of winter, my Pagan heart rests while snow gently drifts downward and covers my piece of land in white.

Happy is relaxing with a couple of printed catalogs and choosing the dream garden. Happy is making a list of plants, tried and true and strange and new, for the coming spring.

So, back to my favorite thing, and making a wish a reality in a couple of months from now.