The $499,999.99 Problem – Bamboozled Much?

What we’re seeing here is a clump of shrubbery outside a property fence, which has a new companion. Several years ago, people planted about three sprigs of bamboo inside the corner of their property fence, and since th20180516_094144.jpgen it has done what bamboo will do. Grow, spread a bit, get cut, grow back, double this time, and get cut back.

One the homeowner was running about out there with a lawn mower. Now, that is ironic, since bamboo is indeed a grass. Its nature is that of our lawns, which we admire, care for and cherish with all our homeowning hearts. But it also is relative to an ant looking up at a fescue clump.

So time goes by, our rain pattern changes, and now we have several gray days followed by several days of rain, dripping from the sky, making conditions ideal for grass to grow, and that of course includes our bamboo patches.

So, unless you own a panda, please don’t use this plant. What if some hapless walker needs to avoid an 18-year-old turning that corner at 40 miles an hour in their new car they got for graduation? Where will you go? I do wonder.

And as far as buying a house to live in, your scenic barrier will soon be in your neighbor’s yard as well, and who knows in years to come if the obvious won’t obliviate your huge investment with time and trouble?


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