Boggy Times – The Start

Clearly it’s time to experiment. I may not be living here for many more years, so whatever I do may or may not be pleasing to the next owners, but hey, why not give it a try?

So I formed an idea in my ever-fertile imagination, to do a bog garden, an area in an out-of-the-way place that will be somewhat spongy and damp. It goes like this – build it and it wilfern and hosta group 5-16l come!

I’ve amassed a collection of shade-loving plants over the years, but larger plants have somehow overswhadowed some of them, so this is a perfect place, and time, to gather them together so they can enjoy life in a more natural situation. They boggy garden will be a haven for moisture during our coming droughts and onslaughts of rain, and give me a chance to visit and rest after a long day of hot weather.

My first move was to find a barrier. A moisture barrier in the form of a folded garbage bag. I decided at first not to punch holes in this, as I want an extreme effect, and I can always puncture the barrier later on. I covered the propolsed area, somewhere between my onions and garlic and mint plants, over the past winter, and the leaves have melded in nicely, holdintg the soil in place and softeneing the area for digging in. I located the rocks I want to border the are with, and have move some of them closer, but more work needs to be done there.