Put the Petal to the Metal! – NJ State Wildflowers Available


This link will take you to a page where those of us in the GARDEN STATE of New Jersey can purchase bulk quantities of wonderful, colorful, care-free flowers seen while driving on our beloved Garden State Parkway. Over the years, we have noticed an increase in sunny meadows just full of bright, colorful flowers which seem to appear and stay to guide us on our way. They are much more pleasant to observe than the constant speeders or tailgaters who like these blooms, seem to spread as urban blight increases to eliminate old-growth fields.

This is not your grandmother’s traffic jam. Like many a toll plaza, it is not for the fGSP Wildflowers Annuals - 1/4 lb bagaint of heart. These species, once inserted into what we hope is a maintenance-free or hard to get to area of a property, will most likely be there for quite a while. They are hardy, self-propelled, and will satisfy the needs of many many types of wildlife. A natural bird feeder, as it were. Yet you don’t have to worry about any of them running in front of you unexpectedly, or lurking about in the dark on the shoulders. Nighttime foragers are polite and will probably be less of a pest overall. Best of all, they are powered by the sun, and never need to be fertilized, watered or fueled in any way, if things go well.


Look both ways before taking this on. Flower-pave a meadow, a piece of your backyard that is hard to get to, and write your check today. Keep a path open to immerse yourself in the beauty of these plants. Install your improvements in the spring, and stand back.

That way, you are putting the petal to the metal in more ways than one!

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